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Looking For A Reputable Tattoo Studio? – Pay Attention To These Signs

So you have decided to get a tattoo. You have picked a beautiful design, and now you have to pick a tattoo salon and artist who will get the tattoo done. However, finding and choosing a reputable tattoo studio, such as the Reno Tattoo – Arte Vida Studio, is not simple, as it will require some research and a keen eye for small details. To help you with your endeavor, we will list a number of signs that will be a clear indication that you are in the right place.

There are samples of previous work

If you enter a tattoo salon and immediately see a plethora of samples of previous work, you are definitely in the right place. On the other hand, if a tattoo artist is incapable or unwilling to produce some kind of a portfolio, make sure to keep looking. Keep in mind that a display of stock tattoos on the walls is usually not enough to determine whether a tattoo artist is great at what they do or not.

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An autoclave certificate

The device known as the autoclave is a sterilization unit which looks like a standard steel pressure cooker. It is typically used by doctors and medical workers to sterilize medical equipment. In order to ensure proper sterilization, medical equipment must be placed in the autoclave for at least half an hour, and at a temperature of 246 degrees. This device is also a crucial piece of equipment of every tattoo artist. However, if they have a unit in the salon, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the autoclave is in use. To be sure, ask for an autoclave certificate, which shows that the device is regularly maintained and in use.

Every piece of equipment is disposable

A tattoo artist needs to work in a completely disposable universe. By this, we mean that every single item an artist uses must be properly disposed of. This includes ink, ointment, and water too. It is these substances that come in contact with the client’s blood plasma, and therefore they should be handled properly, so as to avoid the spread of various infections.

Needles are new and sterile

New needles should be removed from an autoclave bag, which resembles a small pouch. Keep in mind that they must not be removed before the actual tattooing beings. Each needle bag typically has a label that says “sterile confirmation”, along with the manufacturer’s name. If the needles are not in the bag, and if the bag is lacking the previously mentioned label, it is highly likely that the tattoo artist is reusing materials. If you notice that the needles are dulled, brownish, or stained, then it is a clear sign you should look for another salon.

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A proper license

When checking out various tattoo artists, keep in mind that they should also be properly licensed in order to practice their art. To be sure, always check your state or national laws, in order to be sure an artist is a fully licensed practitioner.

Certifications and training

Aside from being fully licensed, a tattoo artist should possess proper training and some kind of a certification. However, the problem here is the fact that there is still no official certification given to the artists that finish their training courses. Tattooing is mainly an oral tradition, which is typically passed via apprenticeship. Fortunately, the majority of artists will be in a position to produce proof that they are properly trained in hygienic and safe practices.